I am forever grateful to Asha for the help she gave me in pulling myself out of a depression. Through her energy work, I was able to understand my situation fully.  Her counsel and treatments led me to the path of spiritual growth and healing which I believe may not have been possible without her.


L.S.   York, Pa.



I have to confess that when I first heard about Asha, I thought she was probably nuts.  But she came so highly recommended that I decided to give her a try…and am I glad I did!  Asha’s gentle, pleasant healing techniques have helped me to let go of stress and pain I’d been carrying around for years.  I recommend Asha most highly.

Marian C. Condon, RN, D.Ed.


In preparation for prostrate surgery, I engaged in an energy healing with Asha Scatchard in order to reach my goal of minimal blood loss during surgery.  She began by aligning my chakras, instructing me with the meditation I needed to communicate the process of what my body will be experiencing.  After reading a book by Dr. Bernie Siegle, who endorses the use of guided imagery, I selected calming natural sounds to help prepare me for surgery and also used the music during surgery.  During my sessions with Asha I felt a sense of calmness from within due to the positive energy I felt.  The end result was a successful prostrate surgery with no transfusion and minimal blood loss.

Paul M. Brubaker


I decided to try Asha for my pets.  My kitten had a bowel blockage and had been to the vet twice.  As a last resort I tried energy work on him and it worked.  Eleven years later he’s still kicking! My adopted cat was diagnosed with kidney disease, after her work he lasted to a ripe old age.

P.S.M.  Dayton, Oh.

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