How Can Veterans Benefit from Healing Work?

The pain and trauma that Veterans have experienced goes beyond words. It is an experience that lives in the body, with the emotional, physical and psychological effects triggered at unpredictable times. Psychotherapy cannot reach these non-verbal places. Energy healing and Trauma Release Therapy can. Energy healing/energy medicine is the future in medicine.  Science has now proved that what we believe and past experiences have a direct effect on how we respond in life and how long term effects can create disease. 

Veterans returning with symptoms of PTSD or just the feelings of not being their former self can benefit from this healing modality.  These healings go to the deep cellular levels and effect many levels of our being allowing the body’s innate intelligence to begin the powerful healing necessary in recovery.  In the releasing of the frozen traumatic memories we are able to regain and replace these memories with new life force.  We get back the life force we lost in the traumatic events experienced.

This is a non-invasive healing modality intended to work in harmony with other medical or therapeutic treatments that may be undertaken.

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“When we lose touch with our true self and our own balancing system we set in motion the creation of stress, physical illness, discomfort and disease.  By returning to balance and deeper understanding of our true nature we regain the fullness of our true self.” 

- Barbara Brennan

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